Exposure TV

It’s a sad fact but Exposure TV is over for another year. Across the two-week period, we were assessed within four main roles: Producing, Directing, Vision Mixing and Floor Managing, all done for an hour at a time across the 12 hour of live content we created. Here are some of the best bits from the four main roles:


This video shows clips of my final show within the producing role. It was directed by Abbie, Vision Mixed by Catrin and Floor Managed by Hannah.

  • Clip 1 shows the introduction to the show and hub
  • Clip 2 shows the outlink from a presenter VT and a segue into an on the day package
  • Clip 3 shows the outlink from another presenter VT plus the introduction to the presenter challenge
  • Clip 4 shows the introduction into an interview


Directing/Vision Mixing

This video shows a compilation of the directing and vision mixing roles across two shows.

  • Clip 1 shows the introduction to the hub on my directing show
  • Clip 2 shows the entertainment segment of the show
  • Clip 3 shows the interview with Megan
  • Clip 4 shows the ending shot from the show
  • Clip 5 shows the interview with Michaela in the show I vision mixed



Pre-Recorded content

This video shows the pre-recorded content used across Exposure. This includes VT’s produced, edited and filmed both before and during Exposure.

  • Clip 1 is part of my USW News package. Presented by Zara on the building site of ATRiuM 2A.
  • Clip 2 is part of the top 5 apps VT. This was presented by Catrin and was filmed/edited on mobile devices.
  • Clip 3 is part of my Money Talks VT.
  • Clip 4 is the Lorna Dunkley interview VT.
  • Clip 5 is a day in the life of a cake decorator.
  • Clip 6 from my documentary looking at the launch day of Exposure 2014.
  • Clip 7 is from the Good Morning Britain voxpops, filmed on the day.
  • Clip 8 is an on the day piece of Peter trying to find the E from ‘Exposure USW’ in a challenge set by the executive producer.
  • Clip 9 is the scavenger hunt for 2014. The presenters were looking for the final ‘USW’ letters. Also filmed and edited on the day.

Saturday Startup

Saturday Startup

2nd Year TV Project

For Saturday Startup, we were set the brief to create a 20 minute light entertainment for a channel and audience of our choice. As a group, we decided to aim for a young student audience for a new saturday morning show in the slot formerly taken by Live and Kicking type shows.

SSU Logo

I held a range of roles within the production. During the studio links I was the sound manager, for the music feature I was the floor manager and the VT’s I was director, editor, camera operator and researcher.

The hub area of the studio used to display the viewers tweets
Panorama photo should be here!
A panorama of the presentation area of the studio. We had a large ‘Saturday Startup’ logo on the floor. Lighting was a collective effort by me and others in the group
The crew and presenters after the show! Minutes later…the set had been ripped out and a bare studio was left behind
The gallery just before going live!

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