Saturday Startup

Saturday Startup

2nd Year TV Project

For Saturday Startup, we were set the brief to create a 20 minute light entertainment for a channel and audience of our choice. As a group, we decided to aim for a young student audience for a new saturday morning show in the slot formerly taken by Live and Kicking type shows.

SSU Logo

I held a range of roles within the production. During the studio links I was the sound manager, for the music feature I was the floor manager and the VT’s I was director, editor, camera operator and researcher.

The hub area of the studio used to display the viewers tweets
Panorama photo should be here!
A panorama of the presentation area of the studio. We had a large ‘Saturday Startup’ logo on the floor. Lighting was a collective effort by me and others in the group
The crew and presenters after the show! Minutes later…the set had been ripped out and a bare studio was left behind
The gallery just before going live!

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