Uni Radio Projects

In my three years at university, I have had two radio modules:

  • 1st year was a group radio show
  • 2nd year was solo radio show

1st Year – Radio Production

In groups, we were told to create a 10 minute show which included a pre-recorded package and an on location interview (from what I can remember). I was in a group with three other people and collectively, we worked well together, creating the final show. We decided to work on with interest in music and create a show revolving specifically around live music. We identified a gap on the local station ‘Nation Radio’ which broadcasts across the cities in South Wales. For this show, we decided to do a ‘one off special’ looking at our favourite festival performance and followed on with listener messages discussing their festival stories.

The comments for the show were largely positive. The opening link was well delivered, however needed the station mentioning. The first feature was highly praised thanks to the mixture of our voices along with the live music and radio interviews.

Part two of the project was to turn our ‘as-live show’ into a downloadable podcast. We decided to include a new jingle to reflect the internet download nature. We then decided to include the main festival pre-record from the show, Connors story about his friend and a repeat of the competition details mentioned in the show. One thing we didn’t really utilise was the opportunity to include up to 2 minutes of new content which would have been good as a new introduction for the podcast, letting the listener know what they were tuned into. It would also have benefited from an additional ending with listeners told when/where to listen next time.

2nd Year – Radio Presentation

2nd year radio focused a lot more on our personal presentation styles. For this show, I decided to focus more on movies, creating a film based show called ‘Show Reel’ for BBC Radio 1. Apart from the small Thursday film reviews feature on Greg James’ show with Rihanna, I thought there would be a gap in the Sunday schedule for an hour-long film show. For this project, we needed various elements to make up a 5-6 minute show. These had to include:

  • A 30s voice-over into an appropriate piece of music
  • A recorded commentary (up to 1 minute) – I chose to do an Oscars themed piece
  • A news feature (read by someone else)
  • An interview (up to 2 minutes) – I interviewed a Welsh actress who is moving into films
  • A 30s trail of what’s coming up later on the station


Rate this work. Feel free to comment with your thoughts and any improvements!


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