Exposure TV

It’s a sad fact but Exposure TV is over for another year. Across the two-week period, we were assessed within four main roles: Producing, Directing, Vision Mixing and Floor Managing, all done for an hour at a time across the 12 hour of live content we created. Here are some of the best bits from the four main roles:


This video shows clips of my final show within the producing role. It was directed by Abbie, Vision Mixed by Catrin and Floor Managed by Hannah.

  • Clip 1 shows the introduction to the show and hub
  • Clip 2 shows the outlink from a presenter VT and a segue into an on the day package
  • Clip 3 shows the outlink from another presenter VT plus the introduction to the presenter challenge
  • Clip 4 shows the introduction into an interview


Directing/Vision Mixing

This video shows a compilation of the directing and vision mixing roles across two shows.

  • Clip 1 shows the introduction to the hub on my directing show
  • Clip 2 shows the entertainment segment of the show
  • Clip 3 shows the interview with Megan
  • Clip 4 shows the ending shot from the show
  • Clip 5 shows the interview with Michaela in the show I vision mixed



Pre-Recorded content

This video shows the pre-recorded content used across Exposure. This includes VT’s produced, edited and filmed both before and during Exposure.

  • Clip 1 is part of my USW News package. Presented by Zara on the building site of ATRiuM 2A.
  • Clip 2 is part of the top 5 apps VT. This was presented by Catrin and was filmed/edited on mobile devices.
  • Clip 3 is part of my Money Talks VT.
  • Clip 4 is the Lorna Dunkley interview VT.
  • Clip 5 is a day in the life of a cake decorator.
  • Clip 6 from my documentary looking at the launch day of Exposure 2014.
  • Clip 7 is from the Good Morning Britain voxpops, filmed on the day.
  • Clip 8 is an on the day piece of Peter trying to find the E from ‘Exposure USW’ in a challenge set by the executive producer.
  • Clip 9 is the scavenger hunt for 2014. The presenters were looking for the final ‘USW’ letters. Also filmed and edited on the day.

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