Doors Project


2nd year Documentary Photography Module


For my 2nd year Documentary Photography module, we were given free-rein in what we handed in and in what medium the final project was presented. For my project, I wanted to explore the idea of doors and the people who live behind them. My final submission was in a photographic book printed by Apple and a 10ft long print from the university print shop.

The final book displayed the image in a double page spread. In the book, the doors were displayed on the left hand page with the people living in the house on the right.


Here are some more example of the images:

Photo 18-03-2013 05 10 37 PMPhoto 18-03-2013 05 11 25 PM

Photo 19-03-2013 05 56 03 PMPhoto 19-03-2013 05 55 12 PM

Photo 27-03-2013 01 41 05 PMPhoto 26-03-2013 05 32 26 PM

Part of my initial focus with the project was to use members of my friends and family. With moving to university, there had been potential of losing contact with people, therefore this was a good project to also document the people who I had at home in Oxfordshire and housemates in Cardiff. I was still careful to have a range of ages, races and amounts of people to try to create a good range to the photos. If I was to do something similar again, I would perhaps photograph a street of people and look into their relationships seeing who might know who. The press has recently reported about communities losing touch and people not knowing who their neighbors are so this could be an interesting insight.

Rate this work. Feel free to comment with your thoughts and any improvements!


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