1st year film project

1st Year Film Projects

Documenting A Space

My first video project for my university course. The Brief was to show the going’s on within a specific space with no camera movements. We were only allowed to cut between the different locations. My chosen ‘space’ was my uni halls with flat mates being involved in the videos. Much of the video was natural with them not knowing that the camera was actually turned on.


 A group production in which we had to create a dramatic production for a poem or script of our choice. We chose ‘The Saddest Poem’ by Pablo Neruda. Within the filming of the project, I was the director.

This video was exported in 1st year with very limited Final Cut Pro knowledge (And a lot less filming experience than I have now). There are so many different ways I would have filmed this


Rate this work. Feel free to comment with your thoughts and any improvements!


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