Below is some of my work from school, uni and beyond. Let me know what you think!

Saturday Startup

Saturday Startup 2nd Year TV Project For Saturday Startup, we were set the brief to create a 20 minute light entertainment for a channel and audience of our choice. As a group, we decided to aim for a young student… Continue Reading →

Exposure TV

It’s a sad fact but Exposure TV is over for another year. Across the two-week period, we were¬†assessed within four main roles: Producing, Directing, Vision Mixing and Floor Managing, all done for an hour at a time¬†across the 12 hour… Continue Reading →

Cardiff Underground Map

This was more of a personal challenge than anything else. On a day in Oxford, I saw a ‘Pubstops of Oxford’ map themed like the London Underground. Found that there wasn’t one of Cardiff, so decided to attempt one (With… Continue Reading →

Doors Project

Doors 2nd year Documentary Photography Module For my 2nd year Documentary Photography module, we were given free-rein in what we handed in and in what medium the final project was presented. For my project, I wanted to explore the idea… Continue Reading →

1st year film project

1st Year Film Projects Documenting A Space My first video project for my university course. The Brief was to show the going’s on within a specific space with no camera movements. We were only allowed to cut between the different… Continue Reading →

Uni Radio Projects

In my three years at university, I have had two radio modules: 1st year was a group radio show 2nd year was solo radio show 1st Year – Radio Production In groups, we were told to create a 10 minute… Continue Reading →

Genchi Genbutsu Website

For my 2nd year multimedia project, I set out to create a new website for the consultancy business Genchi Genbutsu ltd. They currently use a free website theme created on Weebly which doesn’t leave much room for creativity and a… Continue Reading →

Viridian Movie Trailer

Viridian Movie Trailer A-Level Media Project For my A-level Media Studies project, I worked with a friend to create a movie trailer for a book she had written and published in 2010. The trailer was edited in iMovie, my first… Continue Reading →