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National Trust

The last 6 months has varied massively. Every Tuesday, the hectic full-time job gets paused for a peaceful day out in the Buckinghamshire countryside. In March 2016, I started a volunteering role with the National Trust in their Stowe property. Here’re a couple of time lapses of my normal lunchtime view…

View across to the Temple of Venus
View across to the Temple of Venus

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Can think of worse views to have a coffee to 😏

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What I’ve been up to…

It’s been a long time since I posted on here. In fact, scrap that…It’s been a really really long time. 9th May, back on the last day of Exposure. I’m have a few more posts planned over the next few weeks with a couple of different themes.

 May 2014

End of year show

The end of year show, known more formally this year as Flourish was the end of year showcase for the final year students at the University. Getting involved was optional for Exposure crew which meant we had an extremely small crew. For much of the week, I was working alone to create some of the VT’s included in the show. Thankfully, everything came and the show went on. With our head lecturer producing the three hours of live, unscripted content, along with help from the lighting courses in Treforest, at 5pm on 30th May, on a giant rig, in the middle of the uni and surrounded by plants, we were live for the final time with our most ambitious show yet!

Across the three hours, I supported the floor managed, camera operated, directed an hour, vision mixed and was interviewed. Although that wasn’t all at the same time, however somehow I managed to direct and be interviewed, with alot of help from my vision mixer!

July 2014


10th July 2014 featured one of the hottest events of 2014, the USW Cardiff graduations. With council workers on strike, the aircon was off at St Davids Hall in central Cardiff but that didn’t stop the event.

July/August 2014


A couple of posts will follow on soon about this but July and August was family holiday time. Singapore and Tokyo were the destinations. The last visit I had to Singapore was back in July 2011 when I got my place at USW (I was at Singapore zoo when I got the text), which felt like a nice bookend to the experience.

*Updated* And that’s a wrap…


*UPDATE* I figured that this photo needs some sort of final explanation and the Exposure week needs a roundup. Exposure ended on 9th May 2014. Despite being fewer shows this year (12 hours instead of 20 hours) we didn’t want to be any less ambitious. Building on the success of last year’s groundbreaking debut shows, we needed to create the 12 hours (plus some additional online ‘stuff’) to a professional level that anyone watching would expect to find on the BBC or ITV.

There’s a massive and unexpected amount learning and experiences that comes from such an intense period. Personally, I learned how much I loved the stress that came from being live and the pre-production periods. Outside of the preparation for the live shows, I also loved creating (and editing) the various on the day VT’s that were created across the weeks. The focus put into them is on a different level compared to the packages researched, developed, filmed and edited over a few days or even weeks. Along with what I learnt at BBC Oxford, Vox pops magically became easy with any shyness across the roaming teams disappearing quickly!

Over the next week, my personal showcase clips will be uploaded on the Exposure Television tab above. I’ll also make all the VT’s I created for broadcast public on my YouTube Channel. In the mean time, below is some more photos from the Exposure weeks!


And we’re live!


Show 2 is on… #internationalusw – at ATRiuM View on Path

Exposure TV

So…the day has finally come. 7 months of preparation has come to Friday 2nd May! In just 15 minutes we go live online to the world. Watch now:


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