What I’ve been up to…

It’s been a long time since I posted on here. In fact, scrap that…It’s been a really really long time. 9th May, back on the last day of Exposure….

 May 2014

End of year show

The end of year show, known more formally this year as Flourish was the end of year showcase for the final year students at the University. Getting involved was optional for Exposure crew which meant we had an extremely small crew. For much of the week, I was working alone to create some of the VT’s included in the show. Thankfully, everything came and the show went on. With our head lecturer producing the three hours of live, unscripted content, along with help from the lighting courses in Treforest, at 5pm on 30th May, on a giant rig, in the middle of the uni and surrounded by plants, we were live for the final time with our most ambitious show yet!

Across the three hours, I supported the floor managed, camera operated, directed an hour, vision mixed and was interviewed. Although that wasn’t all at the same time, however somehow I managed to direct and be interviewed, with alot of help from my vision mixer!

July 2014


10th July 2014 featured one of the hottest events of 2014, the USW Cardiff graduations. With council workers on strike, the aircon was off at St Davids Hall in central Cardiff but that didn’t stop the event.

July/August 2014


A couple of posts will follow on soon about this but July and August was family holiday time. Singapore and Tokyo were the destinations. The last visit I had to Singapore was back in July 2011 when I got my place at USW (I was at Singapore zoo when I got the text), which felt like a nice bookend to the experience.


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