BBC Oxford Work Experience – Day 4


Today began as I expected. A cup of coffee and the BBC’s legal course. Like the others, it was interesting to see what can and can’t be said within certain elements of journalism and how what might have been said in the past affects what might be said in the future.  Areas surrounding defamation can be slightly confusing but is important to know about. In all honesty though, I was extremely happy to get this finished which allowed me to move onto the final section of the training. This was a short clip from a BBC 4 programme which recited the history of BBC local radio which started with small stations primarily funded by councils and not the licence fee. The BBC provided the training and name but later funded the stations to avoid any political bias. It’s surprising the effect that local radio has had on the country. It kick started the move to FM, has provided a platform for new music and provided license fee payers with even more value. There is a really deep history behind it. BBC Radio Oxford has been broadcasting for over 40 years!

Onto todays show, they had some really interesting points. Firstly, Oxford University has investigated whether people would be willing to share secrets with robots. Apparently, like with humans, we’re more likely to share with robots with big eyes!

The talking point, however, surrounded off things which people have been left in people’s wills. The discussion never really took off with the audience not really getting involved. This showed off the quick thinking required by the producer and BA we decided to ask callers during a quiz section of the show.

After the show, I continued clipping various best bits from the previous shows.


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