BBC Oxford Work Experience – Day 3


Today began with something that ended up being really interesting. The BBC Safeguarding Trust course evolved after various incidences at the BBC which we’re seen as misleading to audiences. The parts of the course I completed, surrounding radio and journalism, revealed how even the wording of a script could be seen as misleading to members of the audience. A pre-recorded set by a band might be live but it isn’t…live!

Todays show had a new broadcast assistant involved. Liz replaced Jamie today (although he was still doing other stuff in the building). During the show, I also had a chance to talk to Malcolm (in between running scripts into the studio during songs). Among the discussion was mention of my dad supporting also West Brom (which Malcolm was very impressed about) and how I the night before, I had discovered an interview on my phone from 2011 that he did with a guy that was bitten by a crocodile as a kid. The guy is a family friend and my brothers god father (something else Malcolm was impressed by as its one of his favourite interviews).

After the show and lunch trip, it was on with more BBC training courses. Like with safeguarding trust, whilst these weren’t always the most exciting things, some parts were quite interesting. Although it seems annoying and like a  waste of time to be told by Angellica Bell how to sit in a chair and at a computer, it’s surprising how bad you can be. Plus the amount of people off work costs a fortune. Even now, I’m slouching in bed, writing this post in a really dingy lit room. Yet tomorrow morning I’ll wonder why my neck is aching!

Other modules were looking into Health and Safety (Something that had been mentioned in lectures but we hadn’t noticed how strict it can be), copyright and data protection. Tomorrow, I have a VERY long (2 hour) course on the legal side to broadcasting!


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