BBC Oxford Work Experience – Day 2


Tuesday at the studio began earlier than Monday. When I arrived at 8, the team were already there preparing the show. They thought it would be good to get me doing an online BBC Academy course learning about the ENPS system used across the BBC for preparing shows etc. The software, originally created for the BBC by Associated Press but is now used by TV and radio networks across the world. It allow for collaborative creation of news gathering grids, running orders, scripts, notes and more. It also has news wires from various news agencies like AP and Reuters for reliable news gathering. The software allows for some pretty awesome things (despite it looking slightly old-fashioned). It’s also possible to look at running orders from TV and radio shows across the BBC which is pretty cool!

After watching the show going out again, it was back to the newsroom for some show clipping. For efficiency, the best bits of shows needs to clipped down and archived. This involved using Quick Edit Pro (like a more basic version of Adobe Audition, although I didn’t go too far into what it can do) to find the hour of shows, and then clip out the specific interview or respins.


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