BBC Oxford Work Experience – Day 1


Its two and a half weeks since I got the email saying that I’d been accepted for work experience and I very nearly backflipped up the famous spiral staircase at ATRiuM. Just logging onto the BBC Careers website and seeing this gave an instant wave of excitement:

Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 16.29.29

20140304-080552-pm.jpgThe day started in a similar way to my week at JACK. The studios are both in the same area of Oxford which meant I could sit in the same branded American coffee shop. It was then just short walk down the road to their studios. After waiting for the assistant editor to pick me up, I was introduced to mid-morning team that I would be working with/for over the week. The presenter of the show was (local celebrity) Malcolm Boyden, the Producer is Will and Broadcast Assistant, Jamie.


The first thing to do was watch the show going out. The Talking Point for the day (the main, topical subject of the days show that the presenter would like the audience to call up and talk about), was about gay parents and whether they should be allowed to adopt children. This ended up being a controversial discussion, especially with subjects such as gay marriage gaining a lot of airtime in the news at the moment. Watching the show being broadcast was extremely interesting, giving a real insight into how the it flows with various features generating interaction between callers and presenter. It was also interesting to see how social networking is beginning to impact on who listens to the shows. One of the most interesting calls came from a gay couple from Nottingham who had seen the talking point on Twitter and then decided to tune in and get in contact.

The one thing you don’t expect to get when you’re working though and that you definitely don’t get in uni…a man coming in with 3 massive dogs, preparing for the show with Kat Orman. Very loving dogs though!

It was mostly interesting to see the amount of work that goes on during a show. The BBC has been pushing social media a lot, something the producers sort out, phones need answering, some research done, guests being greeted, scripts being constantly changed, audio being clipped for ‘respins’ later in the show and much more. You really don’t realise how much work goes on when you sit at home listening!

After watching the show and grabbing lunch from an AMAZING local deli (although it cost a fortune), it was back to the newsroom to get some interesting news stories for tomorrow. We discovered that it was the 90th anniversary of the song ‘Happy Birthday’, it was decided that this could be an interesting feature, especially with all the copyright and rumors surrounding it. I was set the task of finding someone with relevant knowledge on the song to come on and talk about it. With a few hints, we decided that a professor at Oxford University would be good and with a few nudges I was on the phone to her (Although she never picked up due to being out of the country)


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