TV just never stops…

Thinking back over the last 6 months of my TV Broadcast Module, it’s been a tough but fast journey since I last discussed the happenings at Exposure TV. It’s now just 60 days away! (The sidebar has an exact countdown ➜)

Having produced a show, directed two (including our first hour-long pilot) and helped in various roles across 12 other pilot shows. All together, we’ve created well over 8 hours of content! So, the last few months really have sped by! BUT with Exposure approaching fast, there’s no slowing down! Across the crew, we’ve worked well as a team, creating multiple VTs every week around a variety of content from light-hearted subjects like smart phone apps through to deep and personal stories surrounding cancer and depression.

In the last few weeks, we have been increasingly combined with the Exposure Radio module. Through this, we’ve been thrown into the world of Multi-Platform Broadcasting. Across the current media environment it’s become more important for broadcasters to strongly engage viewers and listeners in a world of on-demand entertainment and largely short attention spans!

The stresses of Exposure now takes a back seat for a week (although it’s not really going to stop going through my mind with the massive to-do lists and constant Facebook notifications keeping me updated and involved with the process). My next stop is here:

BBC Broadcasting House, Oxford

Anyway, once I do get back to Cardiff, the extra hard work begins. We’ll be in the final run-up to the shows which happen just after Easter. We have various categories of VT’s and features which need fulfilling from ‘Secret Cardiff’ through to ‘Where are they now’ features. Plus, we’ll (hopefully) have further training on equipment that the university didn’t seem to want us knowing existed which will should drastically improve the quality of our VT’s. From portable jib arms through to camera tracks, they should be interesting to learn about and use!


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