The iMovie App just blew me away!


This ‘journey’ kind of started just after my birthday when I got my new iPad mini. I had downloaded tonnes of apps, with Apples newly updated iMovie app one of them. I realised that in the near future, I would be producing one of the 30 minute pilot episodes of Exposure TV and that this could be the perfect opportunity to make use of the HD camera in an iPhone and experiment with the potential that iMovie gives.

It’s over 6 years since I got my first apple device. A first generation iPod Touch whilst on holiday in Orlando over Christmas 2007. No camera, retina display, Siri or other gimmicks that come with the devices now! From that day on the ‘Apple Fanboy’ status has been well placed on me (Although it started years earlier when my mum got an iPod mini. I loved playing the music quiz and shooter game). It took a lot for Apple to fail to impress me. In all honesty, I never hated Apple Maps and Passbook was never really a failure on my phone, with 18 different passes and at least 5 used multiple times a week (Every few days in the case of my Starbucks Card!). Ask anyone who knows me and they will confirm how much I love my Mac, iPhone and iPad.

Despite all this, I was sceptical about what could be achieved in the iMovie iPad app. As part of Exposure TV, I’ve learnt loads about Final Cut Pro X. I’d been given the chance to experiment with some of the more basic yet impressive features (I’m still figuring out all the others!). The progression back to iMovie (which is still a great piece of software that I loved during my A-Levels when the other option was the awful Windows Movie Maker) was worrying. There’s a massive difference in the amount of control given to the user whilst using the software. In what I ended up with, I was extremely surprised! After about 30 minutes of working out the ins and outs, it only took me 3 hours to finish the VT. Around the same time for a similar VT in Final Cut.

It was clear that the software was designed for a more basic purpose that creating broadcast quality VTs. Despite this, much of the transitions, effects and titles were impressive. One thing I did find annoying however was that you weren’t given the option to move titles around the frame. They had to be either centre or lower thirds with no further options around fonts and styles. The options available do make this a fairly small issue though.


So, what do I think of the completed VT? In all honesty, I love it. In my script, I made a big point about the fact it’s filmed and edited on an iPhone/iPad and used some shots to show this. It’s something that the viewers would potentially be intrigued by, giving leeway for some potentially amateurish shots. I think the graphics really work in the VT (even though they’re the annoying bundled ones).

Below, is a really short preview of the beginning of the VT (I’ll post in full at a later date). The opening shots were done using the front camera of an iPhone and the back camera of an iPad.


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