My Top 5 Christmas Adverts of 2013

With Christmas only five sleeps away, the fight for customers money and attention rapidly increases. The space inside stockings, under the tree and on the dining table becomes increasingly valuable, giving viewers new, expensive and impressive TV adverts. The brands of the world pile millions of pounds into advertising agencies to create the most enticing new adverts. This is my top 5 adverts shown on TV this year:


Brand: Royal Mail

Not so much a national shopping brand but without them, the skies would be full of pigeons carrying letters and struggling to deliver the hefty Amazon purchases. Fresh from privatisation and releasing their first advert for six years, the postmen and women of britain featured in a shiny advert showing the friendliness, efficiency and reach of the service.



Brand: Tesco

As one of the biggest retailers in the world, you expect something good from Tesco. This years puts across the perfect christmas message. Filmed in a home video style, the advert shows various christmases revolving around one couple.


Of the 4 main supermarkets, Tesco is the only one to impress. Asda has kept with giving price comparisons using snowmen to give the differences, Sainsburys has created a heartwarming yet slightly boring advert and Morrisons is pure annoying! (In my opinion anyway!)


Brand: Coca-Cola

So much rumor comes from what influence Coca-Cola has had in modern day christmas. Is Santa really red because it fits in with their advertising? But one controversial tradition thats come from the company is the world famous christmas adverts. Twitter and Facebook explodes with excitement every year the advert premieres on TV.

First launched in 1995, Coke have repeatedly tried to replace the advert with new characters such as the polar bears with complaints from customers consistently bringing the trucks back.

There is also a second, new advert released by Coke taking a focus on Santa and the sharing aspect throughout their advertising this year:


Brand: John Lewis

The John Lewis Christmas advert has become something of a tradition on British TV. This years didn’t really disappoint. With last years snowman advert being the target to beat, this years used a variety of film making techniques to wow viewers. Set to the tones of Lily Allen, the advert uses hand drawn characters animated with stop motion animation and used 3D model sets. These three techniques give an effect never really seen before. Although for a £7m price tag, they probably expected something impressive! With over 11 million YouTube views and gaining the title of the most talked about christmas advert of 2013, it’s money well spent!

(The amazing behind the scenes ‘making of’ video is avaliable here and is really worth watching: )


Brand: Apple

Just beating John Lewis has to be Apple’s new christmas advert. Released just 10 days before christmas, the advert evokes the feeling of family memories and tries to show how christmas will be improved with their products.

Apple also released the final video, with everything shot filmed on an iPhone 5s:

The adverts have been criticised by the press for showing the issues in society with people living life through the screens of their phones. I don’t however agree. The advert shows off Apple products by demonstrating what they are capable of. Whilst the advert shows a ‘sign of the times’ with people being stuck to their phones, it still shows the family connections built over the holiday seasons and features a warming ending.

All five of these adverts evoke various feelings of togetherness at Christmas. Family and giving is the main focus whilst using the ‘true’ meaning of christmas to sell products!


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