Major Broadcast Project Update

As the first term of the last year of University comes towards it’s end, it’s probably a good idea to give an update on my 60 credit major.

Exposure Logo

The project consists of creating 20 hours of live programming under the established Exposure TV title. The show will be broadcast online over 2 weeks at the end of the year. With such a large project, stress was inevitable. This term has been almost entirely dedicated to gaining experience in the studio (There had been a 3 month summer off since Saturday Startup!) and getting more experience in creating VTs and features along with the editing process.

So far this year, we have created 5-6 pilot episodes with members of the crew all taking different roles each week. The first show of the year. I was director. The chance to direct the first show of the year was a great way to be thrown in at the deep end. I worked along a very good producer and the whole group created 5 very good VTs and 3 adverts within a 2 week deadline. I’d learnt a lot from helping out on last years Exposure TV and from being part of Saturday Startup but nothing prepared me for the amount you have to say, look at and do all at once! But with a few run-throughs, the role became much easier (although will require more practice before the final broadcasts to get it slick!).

Throughout the weeks we have also created various different VT looking at a range of issues from serious topics like Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and Food Banks through to more upbeat Christmas Markets and Hospital Radio. The topics are set pretty much weekly by the director and producer of the friday pilot giving  us 3-10 days to create what’s requested.

Among the VTs I’ve helped to create was an interview with Laura Dunkley. She is a former student at the University of South Wales who when on to work for ITV and Sky News. After a guest lecture at the campus, she agreed to being interviewed in the studio gallery:

Lastly, over the weeks, we’ve been asked to create various adverts. This is one I collaboratively developed, filmed and edited for the ATRiuM Library:

Over the next few weeks, hopefully, our ability as a crew will develop and we can create some extremely professional and interesting programming. Practice in the roles as such as producer, director and editor even through to camera operators should develop our skills positively!


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