JACKfm Work Experience – Day 5/Overview

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The final day at JACK fm came and unfortunately didn’t happen. I woke up early on Friday morning feeling unwell and throwing up. I tried my best to make it to the studio but couldn’t quite make it. I was really upset to not make it having been really interested in the scheduling side. (Creating running orders is one of my favourite jobs on Tequila with Anna!).

Across the week however, I have learnt an amazing amount from being at JACK and getting a view into a REAL operating radio station. The love and dedication that goes into every part of the output by all the staff is inspiring and has opened my eyes to working in local commercial radio. The fact that everyone has an input to multiple parts of admin, production ect. gives a real range of jobs rather than specialising in one role.

There has also been some extremely interesting conversations over the week that have given a real insight into actually getting into radio. Creating your own luck is extremely important along with contacts. Gaining the experience within the area by watching professionals for tips and actually doing tasks is helpful for creating a good working procedure.


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