JACKfm Work Experience – Day 4

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The penultimate day of my work experience done! It was quite sad walking to the car knowing that tomorrow would be the last day!

Anyway, after the usual coffee, buzzer, sheepish “I’m on work experience” through the microphone and hellos in the office, I got back to work on the JACK OB CD that was started yesterday. This involved again clipping the music (from the normal JACKfm stream this time).

Before I got started on the next stage of the CD, I was invited by ‘JACK’s Morning Glory’ presenters Trevor, Caroline and Rich, to sit in on recording links for Fridays show in JACK2. (Various reasons mean that they can’t do a simulcast breakfast show on both stations so they record the day before for JACK2 at the moment!) Seeing this being recorded was really interesting. It’s really nice to see the chemistry that they three presenters have whilst ‘on air’.

Back upstairs, I was told what needed doing to the edited Audio file from JACK. It needed editing into a long file that included indents and various sound effects that would give a final 1 hour+ file that can be played out. This included the indents recorded by Paul on Monday/Tuesday plus various added sound effects.

Final job after this was done was to do the weeks final session with Paul Darrows. The days script was the longest so far with various Christmas and sponsorship recordings also needed for Oxford and Swindon. One great example was “Struggling with gas prices? A McDonalds apple pie placed in each room should keep the whole family warm till about March. 106/107 JACK fm”.

After this the day was unfortunately over. One interesting conversation from the day refers to how much you learn from doing tasks. Getting the chance to actually work on real life projects allows you to learn an amazing amount!!

Final day tomorrow with an insight into scheduling the station. Much of the output is without any DJs which make the scheduling even more important. Having listened to the station for years it should be interesting seeing how the music on the station is decided and played.


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