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Day 3 started much the same as yesterday, just minus the road issues. A quick Starbucks and walk into the studios.

The day consisted of alot of editing. It went straight into passing finishing the bits of work from the last 2 days. The final ROT for Bootleg Beatles who were performing in Aylesbury. After the teasers, mechanic and winners were recorded for the last few days, the other Go West recordings needed to be put into a final mixdown showing everything. This was done in Audition using all the clips and leaving a few seconds in between. This mixdown was then sent to the client by Rich.

Final job was to create a CD that could be used by the station at various promotional events, clubs etc. This took audio from the stream at sister station JACK2 then using Audition again had the jingles, news and adverts removed. The edited audio will then be adapted further then burnt to a disk at a later date.