JACKfm Work Experience – Day 2

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Day two started more with a lot more chaos but a lot more relaxed. I woke up to the sound of JACK’s Morning Glory like I do every day while at home. The news given by ‘Work Experience Rich’ (Who I’m mostly working for) that the A34, the main road into Oxford, was closed was not very well received. I went downstairs for breakfast with the same issues being reported on BBC Radio Oxford’s breakfast show as well.

After a long ride into the city from my mum, we finally made it into Summertown, allowing me to pick up a quick coffee before making the way into the studio. Walking up to the building was a lot more exciting compared to the nerves of yesterday.

Once settled in, and joking about the traffic, the first job was to continue with the ROT I started with yesterday. Making the way slowly through the weeks shows gaining the Teasers, Mechanic and Winner of each days competition. These audio recordings will later be edited into a full mixdown.

After lunch was another recording session with Paul Darrow. Like yesterdays, the jingles were recorded using an ISD line direct to Pauls house. On the script today included christmas lights switch on announcements for Bristol and Swindon and further radio idents for Hertfordshire and Oxfordshire. One highlight that fully shows the humor the station gives and shows the benefit of recording various times a week is: “106 JACKfm…Cooler than an OAP British Gas Customer’s Living Room”

After recording the jingles, next step was to return upstairs and edit them. This is done by PJ who was really interesting to watch. The speed of his editing was jaw dropping, managing to create 12 jingles in the 20 minutes I had left of the day. One interesting thing I did learn from him was the benefit of not organising folders filled with audio beds and effects. This allows you to make discoveries within the folders to make the jingles more interesting.

One photo for the day…This is from the studios reception area. The coffin was used as a PR exercise by the station a few years ago to say ‘goodbye’ to rival station 102.6 Fox FM. Fox FM was one of the most successful stations in the county (Nearly every car had a Freddy the fox car sticker!). It stood for First in Oxfordshire as it was the first commercial station in the area. The station was rebranded in 2009 as Heart and later pulled out of Oxfordshire to create a wider network. This lead to JACK conducting a fake funeral visiting towns across Oxfordshire.

Seeing this coffin made me smile as it’s a PR stunt i’d aways admired!Freddie The Fox's Coffin :(


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