JACKfm Work Experience – Day 1

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Day 1 of my first work experience at a REAL radio station done and…it was better than I ever thought it would be! The day started off in Starbucks (As many of my days do), starting to worry a tad about the week ahead. I hadn’t done any work experience for a long time so the idea of walking into an office was a tad scary but mostly exciting! My mum drove me the rest of the journey, I got out the car and pressed the buzzer to get access to their ‘dumpy little building’ in a suburb of Oxford. 

First job of the day, create a laughter file from that mornings breakfast show ‘JACK’s Morning Glory’. It’s the only live show broadcast on the station so the promos created are important for getting listeners tuning in the mornings. A quick listen to the mornings show then importing the files into Adobe Audition eventually gave 10 different files to be used at a later date in podcasts and trails.

Second job was to record a new selection of idents for the station. The local Oxfordshire station was the first to use the JACKfm name. The concept has been adopted by five other stations across the UK (all owned by different people) with the idea of ‘playing what we want’ which allows no listener requests. Across the UK, the stations idents have been voiced by Blake’s 7 star Paul Darrow giving a successful voice to ‘Jack’. Each week, the Oxfordshire studio records new sets of jingles to be played across the ‘network’ using a direct link to Darrow’s house. Sitting in the studio gave me an insight into the process with a very laid back conversation with him before getting down to the recording. The idents are recorded each week so the subjects can stay current, with this weeks referencing X-Factor contestants, Ben Cohen leaving Strictly Come Dancing and JFK among other things.

The final job of the day was to create a Receipt of Transmission (ROT) for tickets that were given away for performances at the cities New Theatre. This involved going through recordings of last monday’s show getting the various mention of the show ‘Go West’. I had to capture:

  • The Teasers – The hints and mentions of the competition/prize
  • The Mechanic – The way the competition works
  • The Winning – Hearing the winner getting the prize

These will then be edited together to be sent to the theatre.


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