3…2…1…And we’re live

Doing a first live radio show was always going to be scary. It was a regret from the start of second year that I hadn’t joined my housemate Anna and started a show on Tequila Radio. I spent some time wishing I’d made the jump and put my name down to host/produce a show. Collectively we decided to say that we would do it for our third and final year of uni!

Each Tuesday night surrounds us in music and running orders as we decide what we’re going to play and talk about in the show the next morning. Features come together, and most importantly, the odd news is chosen!

Each week the waves of nerves and excitement crash down as we begin another 2 hours. But after 5 weeks, the process of sitting in the small ATRiuM studio, pressing play on the week’s first song and opening up the mics has become easier and more natural. The prospect of doing a show alone if Anna is unavailable is becoming a lot more exciting. Computer, mic and faders ALL MINE!

With at least 6 loyal listeners, it might not beat the shows going out on BBC and commercial radio, but the fact those people switch over to us each week means so much! The next step of recording and Podcasting…we’ll see!


To listen to us every Wednesday 12-2pm, visit: http://www.tequilaradio.co.uk

To follow us on twitter go to: http://www.twitter.com/AAAfternoons


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